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Blowing Out the Candle tells the story of one couple's attempts to have children and one man's chance discovery of a genetic problem that had been preventing their success. During eight years of failed attempts ending in a string of miscarriages, doctors and fertility lab technicians at different providers including the University of New Mexico deemed his wife, Annie, the most likely suspect rather than her husband, TJ. Like millions of women around the world who are thought to be infertile, Annie was subjected to many invasive tests, painful procedures, injections, and different medications. Years go by as Annie suffers numerous miscarriages, while she and TJ equally endure the trials and tribulations of attempts at conception through artificial insemination. In time, mounting disappointment, nonstop pain and suffering, and financial hardship contribute to rough times in their marriage. All the while, neither Annie nor TJ suspected that the problem is his-and that it is solvable. Blowing Out the Candle is a compelling and inspirational story about an average young couple who, in their determination to have a child, subject themselves to nearly a decade of living like laboratory animals. More importantly, it offers the remarkable news that there is help for infertile males.


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